The Main Campus is situated in a sheltered retreat that is idyllic in character. Beautifully landscaped with pathways and walkways, flowering bushes, tropical trees, manicured lawns, horticultural plants, native trees and medicinal herbs, the ambience of the campus is eminently suited to learning, introspection and recreation. It is conducive to the intellectual, spiritual and emotional well-being of students.

Compter Lab

The Computer lab consists of 10 Mbps leased line Internet connection with more than four class C private IP addresses in a large network consisting of more than 230 computers and several servers running on open source operating system. The computer lab is open for the students for the whole day.


The college has a world class, well-furnished A/C Auditorium cum Seminar hall with a seating capacity of 450 and a conference hall for 120 persons situated in the campus.


Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments are served in the clean and posh ambience of the Food Court.


The college provides separate hostel facilities for men and women. Women are under the direct supervision of Rev. Sisters. For men, hostel accommodation is provided in the adjacent compound under the guidance of Rev. Fathers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the hostel facilities and become residents or alternatively stay within commuting distances. This will enable them to make maximum use of the dedicated lab and library facilities and also inculcate the tenacity to work extended hours, a trait extremely essential in the competitive professional world.


The primary objective of this Library is to cater to the needs of the faculty and students. It acts as a center for the collection of literature and audio-video materials specific to the needs of Computer Science & Business Industry .The library is housed on the second floor with facilities like reading/reference room, newspaper and periodical section and a separate stack area. The library has a well-networked system with Library Management Software (LMS), developed by the SDRC, which has provisions for searching, lending, reserving, appending etc. Besides, information in the library can be availed of at the MACFAST website. The library is open for the students from 8 am to 10 pm.


Holy Mass is conducted everyday in the Mother Theresa Chapel of the College for the students. A Meditation Hall is set aside for inter-religious discourses.

Real Time Share Trading Terminal

A Real Time Trading facility has been provided by ICICI direct.com for trading on shares, mutual funds & futures and options on the National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange. The objective of this facility is to provide an experiential learning environment in the securities market by real investment. The Athanasian Investment Fund (AI Fund) is a Fund constituted by the students with contributions from both students and faculty. The students get to work as real life Fund managers. The Return on Investment has grown at an impressive 35%. The present corpus of the fund is over Rs. 1 million.


To keep in tune with the concept of 'A sound mind in a sound body', the college provides state- of- the- art infrastructure for :
Volley Ball
Basket Ball
Shuttle Badminton


All class rooms, syndicate rooms and seminar halls are equipped with the most modern instructional and teaching aids such as OHPs, Microphones, LCDs, and computers with appropriate boards and screens. Seats are ergonomically designed so that students can comfortably withstand long spells of being chair-bound.


The college bus operates from/to town before and after class hours. It also provides for student transport to attend conferences and seminars as well as to make field and factory visits to nearby centres.

Wi- Fi Campus

MACFAST is a Wi- Fi Campus with 10 Mbps leased line internet connection with more than Four Class-C private addresses connected to over 230 Desktop computers.