History and Growth

MACFAST (Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla), Kerala, India, a post graduate and research institution, was established in 2001, with  the aim of promoting professional and quality education to students with the specific objective of offering  cutting edge courses in Business Management & Information Technology.  With  the commencement of MCA in 2001 and MBA in 2002, MACFAST has been able to provide education in the primary areas of scientific and technological development. Thus the face of MACFAST has been transforming from a single building to multi-storeyed building. The infrastructure too has been modified with the setting up of  world  class auditorium, library covering an entire floor, digital library, state-of-the-art, wireless connectivity, food court and separate hostel for women and a 6 storeyed hostel for men.

A research journal titled Journal of Science, Technology and Management (JSTM), has also been initiated in 2008. JSTM is dedicated to bring together research in these three fields from around the world.
A Community Radio was launched in November 2009. Community Radio MACFAST 90.4 believes that the emergence of a Knowledge Society is possible through focused work at the grass-root level. It realizes that transfer of Knowledge happens in both directions-from the urban society to to the rural and vice-versa.

Synergizing the capabilities in the diverse fields like Computer Science & Management, MACFAST has established MACFAST INDUSTRY INTERFACE (MII) at Technopark in Trivandrum in 2010. Such interface can give rise to a robust, high quality, interdependent, long-term relationship between industry and academy leading to a win-win situation for both.


2001 - Commencement of MCA

2002 - Introduction of MBA

2008 -  Journal of Science, Technology and Management (JSTM) initiated

2009Launching of Radio MACFAST 90.4 FM


2011-  Clean and Green Tiruvalla Project

2012- 30KW Solar Project Launched

2012- Student Initiated Campus

2012- War Against Drugs Campaign Launched

2013- Bio LAB

2013- Traffic Awareness Campaign Launched

2013- Entrepreneurship Development Club

2013- MACFAST Proficiency Award

 Till now.