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The Placement Cell of the Institute provides students with the resources and skills necessary to pursue their career goals. The Placement Cell is mainly responsible for establishing contact with various organizations and arranging interviews for the students. It also takes care of Industrial Visits and Summer Training. The Placement Cell functions under the guidance of full time Placement Officer Mr. Nithin Mathews.


The Placement Officers regularly interacts with HR managers from different companies both in India and overseas and invites recruitment teams for Campus Placement. The interest, skill and motivation of each student is regularly monitored by the Placement Officers to ensure employability.

Corporate Scholar Selection Program

The corporate world joins MACFAST in identifying new student entrants with exceptional skill and motivation through the Corporate Scholar Selection program.
A panel of eminent senior executives from top-ranking companies and organizations in the country would put the students through a battery of tests and interviews in order to confer the prestigious title of ‘Corporate Scholar’ on them. The Corporate Scholar would be awarded a medallion with the title, providing an instant distinction. This distinction would serve as an impetus to the student to work harder, identify and hone skills even at the start of the Masters program. The title would add a new colour to the student’s resume and also aid in selection to corporate bodies, if found suitable at the end of the postgraduate programme. By this act of recognition, in collaboration with the corporate sector of our economy, MACFAST aims to promote a high level of performance among students both during their studies, and later in their working lives.

Personal Skill and Communication

The placement cell co-ordinates the soft skill training required for students to obtain placement. There are special communication skill classes for students on all Saturdays by Dr. Venkatraman who has worked in senior capacities with companies in Australia, USA etc. The students are divided into batches and each batch goes through training for a month with follow-up sessions at regular intervals.

Aptitude Test and GD-Training

Technical Aptitude Test, English Aptitude Test and Group Discussions will be conducted every month for the students. These tests will be marked in order to track the improvements they make in the course of their studies. The student securing the highest mark will be recognized in the Wednesday meetings.

Students Job (Earn while you learn)

Students are encouraged to work for the industry during the period of their study in college itself. They are also given jobs in the library, administration and other such departments. Students are also working for ICICI Bank, HDFC standard Life Insurance, ING Vysya Bank, State Bank of India, INVIS Multimedia, Unitek Software Pvt. Ltd. MACFAST Technologies, while they complete their course work.

Industry Database

The Placement Cell maintains a database of companies in order to assist students in procuring projects, as well as in their final placements. Separate databases of companies in the Banking Industry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, IT industry, Advertisement, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Food Industry etc. are available in the placement cell and also in this placement page itself: please see: Important Links - Opportunities (more).

Meet the Leader

Meet the leader is a program co-ordinated by the placement cell for students to interact with top executives of companies and eminent people in the society. This program helps the budding entrepreneurs and scientists to learn from the lives of these successful people and get inspired.

Counseling and Student Advisor

Rev.Fr. Mathai Mannoorvadakkethil, Rev. Fr. Rengith Madathirampill and Rev. Sr. Gladys are the student counselors with whom students can share their problems and seek guidance.

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