Code of Conduct

MACFAST creates and sustains a promising environment for students to develop themselves as personally responsible, culturally sensitive and socially committed professionals. Aiming high at such a sublime goal, the college provides the following guidelines to all its students. All students are expected to follow these guidelines.


• Attendance is compulsory.
• Punctuality has to be strictly adhered. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter classroom.
• Students are permitted to go for extra curricular activities with prior permission only.
• Leave of absence signed by the HoD is mandatory for being away from the campus on class days.
• Leave of absence must be sanctioned by the HoD.
• Assignments have to be submitted on time.
• Students performance is assessed on regular intervals and the progress report is shared with the parents.
• Medical leave has to be substantiated with proper proof.
• Maintain the decorum of the classroom.

Campus Etiquette: