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Research Facilities

The college has five full-fledged laboratories for the programmes of Biosciences such as Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Food Processing, Biochemistry and Microbiology. The college has also installed a high throughput Computational Biology laboratory. These laboratories have state-of-the-art equipments like the thermal cycler for PCR, electrophoretic units, UV and white trans-illuminators, rotary evaporator, -20° C freezer, electronic balances, shakers, laminar air flow hoods, fruit pulping machine, mixing tank, blanching chamber, vacuumetric liquid filling machine, crown corking machine, two-stage pulveriser, fermenter, BOD incubator, incubator and shaking incubator, autoclave, high speed cooling centrifuge, UV spectrophotometer, Leica binocular LED Microscope etc.