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The PhD programme in School of Biosciences was first sanctioned in 2007 under the affiliation of MG University and was revoked in 2017 as per the new UGC Notification. Later the research department of School of Biosciences was reinstated on 31st Dec 2021 under the affiliation of MG University, Kottayam with Dr. Jenny Jacob, Associate Prof., MACFAST and Dr. Indu C Nair, Assistant Prof., SAS SNDP Yogam College Konni as the two research guides. The research centre of the Department of Management Studies was approved on 31st August, 2022 with two research guides- Dr. Jeemon Joseph and Dr. Neethu Ann Georgie, Associate Professors in Management Studies, MACFAST.

The PhD programme in School of Biosciences focuses on inter and multidisciplinary research on socio-relevant issues in life sciences. The thrust areas of research include phytopharmacology, nanotechnology, Plant-microbe interactions, Microbial isolation, Drug discovery and Plant physiological studies. The programme can be completed as 3 years full-time or 6 years part-time. MACFAST offers the opportunity to tailor the research study according to individual research interests. A research degree in biosciences can springboard a career in multidisciplinary research.


Research Centre

1.    Name of guide: Dr. CK Krishnan Nair

a.    Order of change of guideship and date: UO No 6890/AVI/RC-Tfr./2012/Acad dated 22/12/2012 from Amala Cancer Research Centre to MACFAST, Thiruvalla

2.    Number of students awarded PhD: 4

a.    Ruby Varghese

Title – Potential therapeutic use of medicinal mushroom from Kerala – Preclinical studies with Ganoderma & Phellinus

Awarded – 27/8/2019

b.    Tiju Chacko

Title – Anticancer therapeutic properties of Clerodendron infortunatum mechanistic studies at cellular & molecular level

Awarded – 4/2/2019

c.    Sreeja S

Title – Tumor control with iron oxide nanoparticle complexes of drugs and compounds: molecular mechanism & therapeutic potential

Awarded – 30/10/2017

d.    Aditya Menon

Title – Exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation & radionuclides in mammalian organism: cellular and molecular alteration

Awarded – 23/09/2016


Reinstatement of Research centre 

1.    University order : 7594/AC A 6/2021/MGU dated 31/12/2021

2.    Guides

a.    Dr. Jenny Jacob, Associate Professor and Head, School of Biosciences, MACFAST, Tiruvalla

b.    Dr. Indu C Nair, Assistant Professor, SAS SNDP Yogam College, Konni

3.    Research Scholars – 3

a.    Uty order 9935/AC A 2/2022/MGU dated 26/09/2022

b.    Full Time : 1

                                      i.        Arya Muraleedharan

c.    Part Time : 2

                                      i.        Smitha G Kurup

                                     ii.        Akhila Anil


The Research Centre – Post graduate Department of Management Studies at MACFAST will be offering 3 year full-time/ 6 year part-time programme leading to PhD in Allied disciplines of Management Studies and the programme is designed to foster world class research in various disciplines of management and it encourages researchers to address issues that concern today’s enterprises

 University order : 8978/AC A 6/2022/MGU dated 31/08/2022


a.    Dr. Jeemon Joseph, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, MACFAST, Tiruvalla

b.    Dr. Neethu Ann Georgie, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, MACFAST, Tiruvalla