Smart Classrooms

The college infrastructure and classrooms are specially designed to reflect natural and airy atmosphere, comfortable for all academic activities. Such classrooms are outfitted with 70’ touch screen interactive boards, modern furniture, LCD projectors, audio equipment’s and other IT enabled teaching aids. Classrooms are designed in traditional and modern manner to ensure better teaching and learning outcomes. There are classrooms with gallery, grid and paired seating arrangements, which can accommodate 60 students at the same time. There are also U-shaped classrooms to improve the interaction and coordination among students. 

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MACAFST Library and Information Centre (MLIC) consist of the main library and various department libraries of the college. MACFAST Library accommodates 38,776 books, 114 journals, 2198 projects, 51 periodicals, and 3670 bound volumes. Faculties, students and research scholars can utilize the library from 6:00am to 10:00pm; to read newspapers, magazines, prepare notes and study materials. Students can access e-journals 24 x 7. MACFAST Library in association with EBSCO and ProQuest (Elton B. Stephens Company) facilitates e-library, which helps the user access research databases, e-journals, e-books, magazines and DSpace online.


The college has a well furnished and fully air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 400. It is equipped with LCD projectors, high quality audio system, internet connectivity, etc., which makes it the best venue for conducting cultural activities, international/national seminars and webinars, meetings and other gatherings. The college also has conference halls, seminar halls, board rooms and lobby to facilitate group interactions, conferences, yoga, communication classes etc., within the campus.

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Computer Lab

The college has three fully centralized air conditioned computer labs which can accomodate 60 students at a time. These labs are equipped with 180 high end computers powered with Intel Core i5 processors and 8GB RAM. Computer labs, Server room and rack room are managed and operated by efficient administrators. The entire computers are protected with advanced firewall system to ensure safe and uninterrupted services.  New versions of 70″ touch screen ‘Senses Interactive Boards’ are installed in the labs for revolutionizing the learning experience of the students. The facilities of computer labs are utilized by faculty members and  students from all the departments. The computer labs are also used for research purposes, recruitment drives and to conduct online examinations of various testing agencies.


College provides hostel facilities for both boys and girls in and around the college campus. The hostels are managed by Rev. Fathers and Sisters. Hostels have 24 x 7 high speed green Wi-Fi facility, Study halls, and separate mess halls for students and staff. Hostels are also equipped with Gym facilities; with advanced workout equipments to maintain fitness and good health. 

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Health Club & Sports Facilities

MACFAST College has playgrounds specially built for outdoor games like Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Football, etc. There are facilities for indoor games like chess, caroms, table tennis, etc. There are also well-equipped gym facilities for girls and boys in their hostels. Daily outdoor and indoor games for staff and students are organized under the auspices of the MACFAST Health Club. The college also organizes Sports Meet in which games and athletic events are conducted for both staff and students.


The college has a separate cafeteria owned and managed by MACFAST PTA. The canteen caters quality foods and beverages at reasonable rates to the students, staff and visitors of the college. Canteen also facilitates snack bar, coffee vending machine, cool bar, and stationary.
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The college has five full-fledged laboratories for the programmes of Biosciences such as Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Food Processing, Biochemistry and Microbiology. The college has also installed a high throughput Computational Biology laboratory. These laboratories have state-of-the-art equipments like the thermal cycler for PCR, electrophoretic units, UV and white trans-illuminators, rotary evaporator, -20° C freezer, electronic balances, shakers, laminar air flow hoods, fruit pulping machine, mixing tank, blanching chamber, vacuumetric liquid filling machine, crown corking machine, two-stage pulveriser, fermenter, BOD incubator, incubator and shaking incubator, autoclave, high speed cooling centrifuge, UV spectrophotometer, Leica binocular LED Microscope etc.



The chapel provides a place for people to be in fellowship and share a sense of belongingness and ensures the spiritual growth of the inmates with Holy Mass and regular prayers. The chapel ensures the spiritual growth of the inmates with Holy Mass and prayer. The chapel “provides a place for people to be in fellowship and share a sense of community” . It encourages students to intertwine their spiritual growth with their academic, intellectual, and emotional growth. Holy mass and prayer sessions are organized everyday to enhance the spiritual life of all inmates. The chapel is open for all staff and students 24 x 7. The calm and heavenly atmosphere of the chapel provides the right place to sit alone and pray. This indeed helps the staff and students to have improved mental health.


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Counseling Division

The main objective of the MACFAST counseling cell is to bring about a voluntary change in the mindset of the students. The counselor identifies and discusses the individual needs of the students and provides guidance for their personal, professional and social development. 

Grievance Redressal Cell

The Institution has a Grievance Redressal cell and it actively interacts with the students to help them sort out their grievances, if any. Students are encouraged to register their grievances in the grievance redressal portal however the cell attends to both registered and unregistered grievances and they will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality. The students can also drop their grievances in the suggestion box or can report the same to the faculty member in charge of the class or directly to the Principal. The students can raise their grievances in the meeting of the Students Internal Quality Assurance Cell.
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Group Learning Centers

The college has a conference hall with a seating capacity of 120 to facilitate group interactions, conferences, yoga and presentations. The facility is also used for arranging various programmes for developing skills in communication & public speaking and for organizing classes and training sessions.


Herbal Garden

The college provides an eco-friendly, clean and green campus, which persists to be a unique feature of the college. The college campus is rich in biodiversity which ensures a balanced ecosystem and provides a natural habitat for more than hundred birds, butterfly and insect species. Photos of birds identified within the campus are displayed in the ‘Bird’s Paradise’ramp. The herbal garden maintained by the college serves the purpose of education, research and conservation of germ plasm of medicinal and aromatic plants, wide varieties of endangered species, dye-bearing plants and other species of ecological/ economic interests. The garden with nursery and green house facility, maintains more than three hundred indigenous medicinal plants. The establishment and maintenance of the herbal garden is funded by National Medicinal Plants Board, Govt. of India.


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