Rejoice in Nature

Rejoice in Nature

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MACFAST Forestry Club is organizing an event ‘Rejoice in Nature‘ on Wednesday, 10 May 2023 in the college Conference Hall at 4:45 PM. The event is held in connection with the (belated) celebration of the International Day of Forests & the Earth Day.
‘Rejoice in Nature’ is intended as an informal gathering, where the participants can sing songs or recite poems having references to trees & other plants. The songs will then lead into further discussions on the trees referred in the song/poem by the lyricist/ poet. Also the event provides a platform for the students to share their observations or discoveries regarding Nature’s little secrets.
Mr. Abdul Wahab (M.Sc. Food Technology), Ms. Shahina (M.Sc. Biotechnology) & Ms. Pooja (MBA) are the student coordinators of the event. Ms. Karthika Rajendran, Dr Nishad P.M. and Mr. Blessan Santhosh George will handle the scientific aspects.

Event Details

Date : May 10, 2023

Time : 04:45 pm

Location : MACFAST Conference Hall