Macfast Innovation and Corporate Synergy (MICS)

Macfast innovation and corporate synergy is a brainchild of Macfast, which helps the future aspirants in unleashing their talents and abridging the gap between corporate and campus. Macfast innovation and corporate synergy assist the students in meeting up the corporate expectation and reaching their career goals. Macfast innovation and corporate synergy facilitates the career progression in four major roles. They are :
 Mentorship programme – Alumni Interaction 
• Industry Interaction – Industry experts /Visiting faculty Interaction
• Industrial Visits
• Internships
 Campus to corporate connect

MICS Objectives

 Assisting students in career growth and development
•Bridging the gap between industry and academia
• Identifying and supporting the budding student entrepreneurs
• Facilitating entrepreneurship in the society

MICS Activities

 Industry Interaction

 Short term and Long Term Internships

 Research Support

 MACFAST Technology Business Incubator (M-TBI)

 Management consultancy services

 Corporate training programs

 Faculty-Industry Joint Programs


 Mentorship program with Alumni

 Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC)

 Lab/Industrial Training

 Add on certification programs

 CSR Initiatives