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Is MCA a good career choice in 2022 ?
mca goodcareer 2022

Best MCA College in Kerala – MACFAST

A master’s degree in computer applications adds a specialty to a graduate’s resume. There are several occupations available following MCA. Software development, trainee programming, web design, and system administration are examples of these. Throughout the master’s programme, students are offered a variety of industrial projects to help them explore their interests. There are several opportunities and career paths available following MCA in both the commercial and governmental sectors, which we shall examine further below. As a post-graduate with a Masters of Computer Application degree, you may work in a number of industries based on your aptitude, skill set, and interests.

Career Opportunties after MCA

1. Higher Studies after MCA

Depending on your interests, you can pursue more education. It is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and skill set. It gives you a solid backbone when you join the employment market.

You can apply for a Masters in Engineering in computer science after completing your postgraduate degree in computer application.

The entrance criteria for ME follow a pattern of (10+2+3+3) years of study or a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering or Technology.

One can pursue a Ph.D. or a post-MCA. An MCA degree requires a valid Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) score.

Many prestigious colleges, such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NICT), and the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), provide excellent possibilities.

2. App Developer
According to market research company techARC, India has 502.2 million smartphone users as of December 2019, which indicates that smartphones are currently used by more than 77 percent of Indians to access wireless broadband.

As a result, mobile applications have become a top priority for all companies.

In this profession, one must create mobile applications for the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and others should also be well-versed. Proficiency in the newest market trends is required for a successful career as an App. Developer after MCA.

With an average pay ranging from 4 to 15 lacs per annum, it is one of the most promising employment prospects following an MCA. There is a lot of room for advancement, and your compensation increases as you go.

3. Cloud Architect
In the coming years, it is expected that all storage needs for firms will move to the cloud. Functionalities in the area of computing will also move to cloud servers. It will be vital to get a sound design to develop and maintain the storage need effectively. It is required for great scope in this field. According to PayScale, the average salary for a cloud solution architect is 13,00,000 per annum.
A sound set of technical skills in this area are:

Database skills.
Operating systems like Windows or Linux.
Quality assurance.
Cloud migration.
Programming languages like Python or Java.
Information Security.

4. Web Designer / Web Developer

Because of the growing relevance of online marketing and the advent of the internet, the breadth of website design is expanding multifold.
There are several career possibilities available in the field of UI/UX Development.

You must be well-versed in HTML, Flash, and Angular JavaScript. Aside from that, having a creative mind with enough Photoshop skills will be a bonus.

According to Job, the average compensation for a Web Developer is $3,21,800 per year (412.43 per hour), with an average beginning salary of $117,500. The highest-paid employees may earn more than $850,000 per year.

5. Software Developer

One out of every three MCA graduates works as a software developer. Their principal responsibilities include creating and managing software systems for businesses.

They provide Information Technology (IT) Services based on the demands of the customer. Meeting the creative goals as well as the coding requirements is quite difficult.

Software development entails a variety of duties, like as

Complying with customer specifications
Complying with customer specifications
Troubleshooting and software testing
After a system is up and operating, it must be maintained.
Creating technical aspects of software
Integrating software systems
Program and other reference coding

It is one of the most famous work chances if you have the talent for it. The income range for an MCA is pretty promising.
According to Payscale, the top responses for the job title Software Developer work at Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Amdocs, Inc., and Cognizant. The highest reported salaries are at SAP Labs India, where average compensation is $921,995.

6. Hardware Engineer

The duties of a hardware engineer include installation, testing, and the production of hardware equipment.
They operate with computer hardware such as computer chips, keyboards, routers, circuit boards, hard drives, and cables.

They want to improve the computer system’s efficiency by changing its components, design, and layout. To land a job as a hardware engineer, one must be passionate about removing mistakes, evaluating test results, and redesigning.

The opportunities for an MCA graduate working as a computer hardware engineer are many, and the average compensation for a Computer Hardware Engineer is 5,15,600 per year (42,965 per month), which is 1,28,100 (+33 percent) greater than the national average wage in India.

7. Data Scientist
Even in small-scale units and smaller implementations, smart machines that use artificial intelligence or automation are on the rise. As a result of smart technology being utilized and chosen in houses, homes are getting smarter. Simple technologies like Alexa have become indispensable in many homes, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming year.

With all of the data collected, it’s analysis may assist organizations in doing an effective SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats). Their role is to forecast future market circumstances and advise directors on how to maximize opportunities and minimize threat consequences. It also assists businesses in identifying and capitalizing on their strengths and limitations.

Required skillset:

Sound Algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and machine learning knowledge are all required.
Knowledge of programming languages like as R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive.
Ability to ask probing inquiries in order to elicit solutions and forecasts
Communication abilities that are effective

The average income for a data scientist is $7,08,012. With less than a year of experience, an entry-level data scientist may make approximately $500,000 per year. Early-career data scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience earn around $6,10,811 per year.

In India, a mid-level data scientist with 5 to 9 years of experience pays $10,04,082 per year. As your expertise and talents increase, your wages as a senior-level data scientist in India might reach more than $17,00,000 per year!

8. Government Job Opportunities for MCA Graduates

Among the top public organizations hiring MCA graduates are Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited, NIC, Government of India, and Public Sector Banks.

This placement opportunity might provide you with a monthly salary of 35,000-50,000 rupees, as well as bonuses and allowances.

9. Troubleshooting Jobs

Troubleshooters, as the name implies, are trouble solvers in the workplace. They are in charge of ensuring that the software and hardware aspects of the system run smoothly.

If there is a problem in the IT Department, it is their obligation to solve it as soon as possible so that work does not become delayed. They collaborate closely with the software development team to guarantee a smooth experience for them.

If you get a lot of satisfaction from solving issues in a methodical manner, this profession is for you. To provide outcomes on time, one must be comfortable working under deadlines and under pressure.

The average annual pay is roughly 3.5 lacs.

10. Software Consultant

Software development consulting is getting increasingly popular. They assess and evaluate a company’s software in order to provide the best solution.

Their input is respected and used to improve the business’s efficiency. They are accountable for providing cost-effective techniques to increase sales and, eventually, profit for the company.

It is an excellent chance to begin generating side income while also gaining expertise. It enables a postgraduate to put his or her academic knowledge into practise.

Working part-time as a software consultant might earn up to 50,000 rupees each month.

11. Ethical Hacking

These are not the types of hackers seen in movies. Ethical hackers are professionals who enter a network or computer system on behalf of the owner in order to discover security flaws that a hostile hacker may exploit.

It is a methodical technique of identifying flaws in a system’s security. It is done to defend the system from malevolent hackers who may cause harm to the system.

They are cybersecurity professionals that assist businesses in securing their networks. Their work include doing penetration tests in order to detect flaws and breaches.

To begin practicing, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any area as well as a certification in ethical hacking. Because of the rising cybersecurity dangers in the business, it is a promising job path after MCA.

“In India on average, a certified ethical hacker makes Rs 3,67,249 per year, which improves with experience cumulatively up to more than 15 lakh per year,” according to the Indian School of Ethical Hacking.

12. Technical Writing

It is an appealing placement possibility for MCA graduates with creative writing abilities. Graduates with a keen interest in current technology and writing have a lot of opportunities.

Their job include creating professional copies of technical papers containing product data, designs, user manuals, and guidelines.

According to Indeed, “the average compensation for a Technical Writer in India is 4,48,923 per year.” Salary estimates are based on 188 salaries reported anonymously to Indeed by Technical Writer employees and users, as well as previous and contemporary job advertising on Indeed in the last 36 months. A Technical Writer’s usual term is 1-3 years.”

Following MCA, many persons pursue a job in Technical Writing.

13. Manual Testing

Manual testers are in charge of inspecting the programme for flaws. They act in the role of an end-user to guarantee that the system runs well.

They do a thorough examination of the system in order to avoid software errors and limit potential hazards. The following is a list of their responsibilities.

Understanding use cases for analysing vulnerabilities
All layers of testing (System, Integration, and Regression) are carried out.
Identify and track software flaws and discrepancies.
Creating automated solutions
Throughout the Agile product lifecycle, use quality engineering principles.
Provide assistance and documentation

According to Payscale, the firms with the most Software Tester job applicants are HCL Technologies Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services Limited, and Cognizant. The highest reported wages are at Infosys Limited, where the average compensation is $527,000.

Why Choose MCA at MACFAST?

The MCA department at MACFAST offers a two year Master of Computer Applications degree programme approved by AICTE and affiliated to the MG University Kottayam, having an intake capacity of 120 students. The objective of the course is to produce professionally competent postgraduates in Computer Science and its Applications. Apart from the subjects prescribed in the syllabus, the department offers various additional advanced training courses to make students conversant with current technology. Our institution is a member of the professional bodies like CSI and UNAI, where both faculty and students are the members of it. In addition to this, the student and faculty members have access to various online journals like IEEE, ACM etc. for promoting research culture.

MACFAST is one of the top best MCA college in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala which offers a two year Master degree programme  approved by the AICTE and affiliated to the MG University,  Kottayam . Being one of the top MCA colleges in Kerala , the Department of Computer Applications offers a two year Masters Degree programme approved by AICTE and affiliated to the MG University Kottayam. Our campus offers experienced faculty to mold eminent professionals with creative minds and sound practical skills in cutting edge technologies by providing them corporeality exposure. Striving to strike a balance between theory and practice, we offer a unique synthesis of world-class teaching coupled with collaborative learning opportunities and industrial interactions for students to shape them into top-notch professionals. Along with curriculum, we have a full fledged digital library with extensive co-curricular club activities which will surely help students towards an edifying career.

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