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Scope of Msc Phytomedical Science & Technology
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Best College for Msc Phytomedical Science in Kerala

M.Sc Phytomedical Science & Technology also known as Master of Science in Phytomedical Science & Technology, is a Post-Graduate Physiotherapy programme. The programme in Phytomedical Science and Technology is concerned with the use of biotechnology in medicinal and aromatic plants for the regeneration and multiplication of existing and endangered species.

The Masters of Science course in Phytomedical Science and Technology aims to develop qualified human resources for research and development, as well as sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) for a holistic and integrated healthcare system, in addition to contributing to the natural dyes and health tourism sectors.The Phytomedical Science & Technology course is career-oriented in nature, with several work opportunities available upon graduation.

Admission Criteria for M.Sc Phytomedical Science & Technology

Graduation in Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Biophysics, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry, Chemical Science and other biological sciences, BAMS/BHMS/BSMS/B Pharm/ BE/B.Tech

Who can choose M.Sc (Phytomedical Science & Technology)

The course is appropriate for individuals who can work hard, have good logical thinking, patience, and a feeling of responsibility.
They should also have excellent analytical skills and solid academic foundations, as they are necessary in the field of research.
Candidates should have strong communication skills and a knack for persuading others, as well as business abilities and product expertise.
Applicants interested in furthering their research studies or pursuing a teaching career are also eligible.

What are the advantages of the M.Sc (Phytomedical Science & Technology) programme?

The course assists in the application of scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field of plant protection, taking into account the requirements of both conventional plant production and organic farming.
Candidates with outstanding academic credentials might pursue teaching positions in schools, colleges, and universities.

Job Opportunities in M.Sc. (Phytomedical Science Technology) 

Agrotechnology Firms
M.Sc. Colleges and Universities 
Pharmaceutical Industry 
R&D Centers (Phytomedical Science Technology) 

Job Categories

Phytomedical Advisor 
Phytomedical Lecturer Assistant Professor 
Phytomedical Transcript

Why Choose Phytomedical Science & Technology  at MACFAST?

The School of  Biosciences offers MSc Phytomedical Science and Technology under the affiliation of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The School of Biosciences provides an outstanding environment for students to learn and explore new frontiers in science and technology. We focus on high quality education and enhancement of personal talent and skills. The student community is encouraged to conduct independent research with guidance from highly qualified and dedicated team of faculty members and publish their work in peer reviewed indexed journals. The college in itself publishes the peer reviewed Journal of Science, Technology and Management to encourage student and faculty publications. The students are made industry-ready with strong practical training and research experience instilling confidence to face global requirements. The spirit of self-reliance and self-employment through entrepreneurship encouragement is also instigated in the students. The students are also provided with soft-skill training, placement support and aptitude training to facilitate this process. The best training is through experiential sessions provided with the help of established experts and scientists through International and National conferences and seminars.

MACFAST is one of the top best biosciences college in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala which offers a two year Master degree programme affiliated to the MG University,  Kottayam . Being one of the top phytomedical science and technology colleges in Kerala , the School of Biosciences provides an outstanding environment for students to learn and explore new frontiers in science and technology. We focus on high quality education and enhancement of personal talent and skills. Our campus offers experienced faculty to mold eminent professionals with creative minds and sound practical skills in cutting edge technologies by providing them corporeality exposure. Striving to strike a balance between theory and practice, we offer a unique synthesis of world-class teaching coupled with collaborative learning opportunities and industrial interactions for students to shape them into top-notch professionals. Along with curriculum, we have a full fledged digital library with extensive co-curricular club activities which will surely help students towards an edifying career.

Check your eligibility for Phytomedical Science & Technology admission at MACFAST or Contact for more information