About B. Com Finance and Taxation, Model-1

The Department of Management Studies offers a three-year B. Com Finance & Taxation (Model-1), affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam with an intake capacity of 40 students. The course is intended to serve as a bridge between the workplace and the classroom. This programme aims to develop professionals in the fields of business and management with innovative thinking and strong practical abilities to meet the demanding requirements of the global business environment. The infrastructure offers a great setting for the student to make an impact on the field.

The Bachelor of Commerce programme is meant to help you develop the abilities you need to excel in the field of commerce, including accounting and financial knowledge. The programme will give you understanding of Accounting and Tax concepts, export and import legislation, economic policies, and other factors that affect commerce and industry. The course places a strong emphasis on nurturing student’s analytical capabilities, financial management, and business skills.

The major areas covered in the course are business management, Direct and indirect taxation, Business economics, Company Law, Auditing and financial law.