Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at MACFAST is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, and approved by AICTE New Delhi. MBA at MACFAST is a two year Post Graduate Programme for 120 students. It is designed with the objective of transforming young graduates into competent, responsible and value driven professional managers. We offer specialization in the field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Systems and Operation Management. While M.G University prescribes the syllabus, MACFAST provides a number of additional programmes and innovations to prepare the students to cope up with corporate, organizational and societal challenges of the future. This meticulous and career oriented activity integrates special programmes with a regular curriculum which goes beyond the classroom. These programmes at MACFAST are designed with a right mix of practical knowledge of Business Industrial Skill set and aptitudes. The learning process at MACFAST facilitates acquisition of competencies and skills required in the International Business Arena with ease and enables students to focus on developing themselves as responsible Future Managers.


• To develop young MBA aspirants into professional managers who can contribute to the growth of business, industry and society.

• To develop astute leaders who can efficiently and effectively manage business amidst turbulent environments.

• To nurture entrepreneurial skills among the young generation and make them effective change agents.

• To contribute towards better management practices in the country and the world by offering quality management education

Course of Curriculum

Programme Schemes

The MBA Programme at MACFAST consists of 26 courses, one Summer Internship and one Problem centered Research Project. There are Four viva voce for MBA programme. All theory courses carries 100 marks each, out of which 40 marks for continual evaluation and 60 marks for comprehensive evaluation by University. The first and second semesters have 750 & 850 and third and fourth semesters have 750 & 650 marks respectively and the total marks for the MBA Programme is 3000.

Core Courses

There are 19 core courses in the MBA programme across four semesters. One Summer Internship and one Problem centered Research Project and 4 Viva voce. The first and second semesters have 15 core subjects. The third semester has 2 core subjects and Summer Internship. The final semester has 1 core subject, Problem centered research project and comprehensive viva voce for third and fourth semesters and summer placement project. There will be one Course Viva for each semester and  All core courses are compulsory and carry 100 marks each.

Elective Courses

There are 8 elective courses out of which 4 are in the third semester (2 courses each from 2 functional areas) and 4 in the fourth semester (2 courses each from 2 functional areas). The students are required to select 4 elective courses each from 2 functional areas of management only (e.g. Finance & Marketing). The electives offered in the third and fourth semesters shall be on the basis of preference and aptitude of students, availability of Faculty Members and required infrastructure and facilities in the Institution.

MBA Programme Highlights

• Student Initiated Campus

• Pool of IIM Trained & Accredited Faculty of Management

• Special Placement & Aptitude Training

• Excellent placement support through a separate Corporate Relations Department

• Alumni Interactions

• Department of Communication

• Green Wi-Fi campus

• Continuous Unique Programme for Personality Development

• Earn While you Learn programme – Radio MACFAST 90.4 & Other project participations

• MICS– MACFAST Innovation and Corporate Synergy

• OEL- Outbound Experiential Learning

• Add on Courses on various domain

• Organizing various National Level events like MACFIESTA , Short Film Competition etc.

• Exposure to International Conferences and workshops

• Entrepreneurship Development Club

• Unique CSR Initiatives like War Against Drugs, Clean & Green Campus, MAKS, NSS, Rays of Love etc.